The Song of Many Tongues

The Song of Many Tongues

The Song Of Many Tongues has been re-Issued on CD from the original cassette to celebrate Grand Union's 30th year.

The Song of Many Tongues was commissioned by the GLC in 1984 to celebrate its ‘Year Against Racism’. It was first performed in Covent Garden Piazza on Sunday September 2nd, and produced by Alternative Arts as part of their Music Festival. The Grand Union Orchestra was formed specially for the occasion. They recorded the work the following year, and continued to tour it across the whole of the UK.

The Orchestra was made up of musicians from Ghana, South Africa, Chile, Trinidad and the USA, together with musicians from the British Isles, and it was their ‘tongues’ – languages, musical cultures, individual voices, and above all their experience – which gave, and still give, the music its flavour. Since then, musicians of other nationalities such as India, Bangladesh, China, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Portugal and other African and South American countries have been added, giving the music many more musical dimensions and textures.

The music is written by the Orchestra’s composer/director Tony Haynes. It belongs within the generous spirit and tradition of jazz, celebrating the richness and diversity of musical and other cultures which make up today’s multi-cultural Britain.

It expresses, too, the depth of collective feeling of those who perform it.

"it's a powerful reminder of this amazing band's rich and diverse history and its astonishingly vibrant present." - Duncan Heining, All About Jazz

For a taster of this album listen to these tracks:



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